About New Hope Center


The group that formed New Hope Center church started by having prayer and worship at the home of Scott and Nancy Spencer, in 1993.  The meetings at the Spencers were held on Sunday afternoons.  The initial meetings at this church building were also on Sunday afternoons.

Scott and Nancy Spencer, Ross and Joyce Clark, Craig and Esther Gibler, Violet Kimbel, Margaret Likes, and the first pastor, Rev. Jay Wagner and his wife Esther came to this old building to purchase it for the new location for this fledging congregation.  This group stood in a circle and held hands in prayer.  Mr. Ross Clark took a $100.00 bill from his wallet and stated that this was seed money for this building.  Rev. Wagner and Mr. Spencer conferred with the Baptists on the purchase.  They made an offer to purchase this church building, and the offer was accepted.  The first meeting at this church building was on October 10, 1993.

The first pastor was Reverend Jay Wagner with his wife, Esther from 1993 to 1998.  The second pastor was Rev. George Moore from 1998 to 2002.  The third pastor was Rev. Rich Schaus, from 2002 to 2006, and the fourth pastor is Rev. Richard Lee from 2006 to present.  Richard Lee is the resident current pastor, who also serves as an evangelist and occasional chaplain.

Meet the Pastor

Richard Lee is a trained clergyman and practicing trial lawyer.  Rev. Lee’s biography was published in Who's Who in America, 2000 Millennial Edition.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in comparative religion from the University of Washington, a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D.) from Gonzaga University School of Law, and a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Fuller Theological Seminary.

New Hope Center doctrinal statement

These are nonnegotiable tenets of faith we adhere to: